Oncology Library

Prepare and empower oncology patients with the information they need to successfully undergo treatment, maintain quality of life, and manage their recovery.

Provide critical patient education about cancer diagnosis and treatments with a series of informative videos and resources designed to support cancer patients, their families, and care givers on the road to wellness and recovery. Our patient education not only focuses on specific types of cancer, but also includes programming that will help your patients deal with the emotional and psychological side effects of this difficult diagnosis.

This comprehensive library includes:

  • Living with Cancer
  • Screening
  • Treatment
  • Types

HealthClips Video and Resource Library

An on-demand patient education and support video library supporting oncology care for patients, their families, and caregivers.

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Market Drivers

  • CMS Medial Oncology Core Measure
  • NCQA Recognized Oncology Medical Home
  • Commission on Cancer (CoC) Certification
  • NIH National Cancer Institutes Designated Treatment Centers
  • CAHPS Cancer Care Survey
  • HCAHPS/ Patient Satisfaction

Multiplatform delivery tools enhance the reach and efficiency of these resources through easy accessibility when and where you need it most, while EMR integration supports assignment and tracking of education within staff workflow.