Health Education Libraries

Engage and activate change with evidence-based health, wellness, and patient education.

The foundation of our health education offering is HealthClips featuring over 11,000 video and printable resources. Covering 25 therapeutic areas, our education is offered in a variety of styles including patient stories, expert testimony, medical illustrations, activation, animation, and scenic nature. All content is designed to navigate a condition or procedure from initial discussion or diagnosis through treatment, discharge, rehabilitation, and recovery.

Our library of health, wellness, and patient education print and video resources span multiple subject areas, and are built to support your quality and compliance initiatives. Topic areas include:

HealthClips libraries are also offered in targeted solutions that can be easily integrated into established workflow through a variety of platforms, and are based on clinical initiatives.

Every HealthClip is developed using national guidelines and is clinically reviewed by our Medical Advisory Board to ensure the information presented is current, compliant, and actionable. Additionally, HealthClips:

  • include comprehensive metadata, comprehension questions, and teach-backs to help clinical staff ensure patients get the most from their education.
  • are produced in English & Spanish at a 5th grade literacy level.
  • can be fully integrated into subscriber sites to map against their clinical protocols.
  • feature bilingual transcripts of every video asset.
  • provide clear learning objectives for every video.
  • are mapped to Medical Codes and Joint Commission Core Measures.

Reach your target market with high quality health, wellness, and patient education.

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Survey Results

  • 100% of viewers felt they learned about crucial health issues.

  • 92% of viewers acted on the information suggested in their programs

  • 87% of viewers felt more favorably towards the hospital because they offered this patient education.

  • Over 4,000 award-winning health, wellness, and patient education videos and print resources

  • 24/7 access to education

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