VA Solutions

Deliver the health and wellness your veterans need and deserve.

Transforming Patient Education
Position your facility to achieve health and wellness objectives, address nursing indicators, and meet performance and quality measures with VA Solutions. Enhance quality of care with accurate and engaging video and print messaging, integrated into clinical workflow and delivered across multiple points of care.
VA Solutions can help you engage and educate veterans where and when they need it most with thousands of health and wellness resources on a variety of topics including: heart health, stroke care, cancer, diabetes, smoking cessation, mental health, stress reduction and more.

Dedicated health education channels.
Leverage TVs in patient rooms, specialty and outpatient clinics, and waiting rooms to deliver customized health channels.

Integrated patient instruction.
Deliver and document print instructions via CPRS.

Comprehensive video library.
Provide patients with an award-winning, easily accessible video library.

Promotional tools and utilization support.
Build awareness and engage both staff and patients.

Transform Patient Care    TRANSFORM PATIENT CARE

Integrated patient education from VA Solutions can help you improve clinical productivity, allowing staff more time for direct patient care. Align with Joint Commission standards and elements of performance.

Meet SAIL, HEDIS® and ORYX® performance and quality measures.

Seamlessly integrate education resources into your EMR and clinical workflow.

Engage patients with easily understood and accessible content.

Meet multi-cultural needs with many resources available in Spanish.

Support veterans and their families with valuable education resources 24/7.

Video Library

It all starts with our robust video library. Choose from an extensive video library of over 1000 programs on a variety of topics including diabetes, cancer, heart disease, healthy aging, medication adherence, patient safety, pain relief, anxiety reduction and more. And, our video library includes more than 50 veteran-specific programs. Proven easier to understand and retain, video is a powerful education tool that helps improve learning outcomes.

Distribution & Delivery
Ensure patients have access to education when and where they need it most.

  • Online access- for access pre- and post-hospitalization or clinic visit.
  • Dedicated tablet.
  • Patient room, specialty and outpatient clinic and waiting room TVs.

In addition, EMR integration technology allows for seamless delivery and tracking within staff workflow.

Integrated Patient Instructions
Whether planning for admission or discharge, conducting daily teaching, or preparing veterans for procedures, printable LOGICARE Patient Instructions play an important role in improving care and helping veterans achieve optimal health.

  • Choose from over 5,000 customizable patient instructions.
  • Provide trusted content on diagnoses, procedures, medications, treatments, medical devices, diets, follow-up care and lifestyle modifications.
  • Ensure delivery of consistent education across all points of care.

Tools and Training

Our first-class training, and staff and patient engagement tools, ensure your successful implementation and launch. Our technical support teams are available to support our distribution and delivery technologies. Your healthcare provider recommends you tune into your health.

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