Patient Education

Our channels offer original, award-winning and professionally endorsed educational content designed to inform, empower and engage patients in self-management where they need it most. Our programs assist in achieving patient education goals by enhancing the quality, efficiency and reach of your patient and caregiver education efforts.

The Patient Channel is a 24-hour TV network that helps provide valuable patient education with over 50 programs covering a wide range of topics. This channel delivers engaging, actionable and continuously updated health education materials at the point of care.
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Launched in 1992, the Newborn Channel broadcasts baby care and postpartum programming for new parents in over 1,000 hospitals nationwide.
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Your NICU Baby is an on-demand education and support video library for parents of infants in the neonatal intensive care unit. This resource has been shown to improve patient satisfaction and NICU outcomes.
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Bundoo is the only physician-driven pregnancy and parenting site where expecting and new parents can interact directly with doctors and healthcare experts and get actionable information they can trust.
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The HeartCare Channel delivers around-the-clock educational programming to support heart and stroke patient self- management for optimal health outcomes. From hospital television programming to online, on-demand resources, HeartCare Channel supports your patient’s engagement in their recovery, disease management and long-term health.
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The MedSerenity Channel features integrative mind-body healing and relaxation programming to help with pain relief, anxiety reduction, better sleep, and overall peace of mind in the hospital environment. Featuring high quality, beautiful nature videography, the MedSerenity Channel can be a powerful addition to your patient satisfaction initiatives.
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LOGICARE Patient Instructions_RGB

Printable education and discharge instructions play an important role in helping achieve optimal health outcomes. Our customizable LOGICARE Patient Instructions make it possible to extend education with over 5,000 illness, procedure, test, medication, device, diet, wellness and lifestyle topics in English and Spanish.
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Staff Quality and Safety

Online staff delivering the tools for staff education and to strengthen the quality of your patient care initiatives.

The JCRQSN program is a monthly series of video-conference training sessions produced by Joint Commission Resources (JCR) in partnership with The Wellness Network, providing real-life and timely solutions for hospital compliance activities.
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