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Customer Support

Thank you for being a valued customer of The Wellness Network.

Our Customer Care representatives are available to answer questions about your patient education subscriptions, Monday – Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Eastern.


We provide ongoing staff training to ensure all members of your team understand the resources you have available and how to fully optimize utilization of these patient education and engagement tools to drive improved outcomes. Click here to schedule a training call.

Promotional Materials

Our promotional materials help optimize the use of your patient education and engagement resources. When used with both staff and patients, these promotional tools help drive increased awareness and utilization of these valuable resources. Click to order promotional materials including posters, table tents, bookmarks, pens for the Patient Channel, HeartCare Channel, MedSerenity, Newborn Channel, and Your NICU Baby.

Coordinator Tools

As part of your subscription, we offer a variety of promotional tools and materials to help promote patient viewing for better outcomes and a more efficient health system education program. Click on the product below for coordinator tools and helpful materials aimed at assisting you and your staff to optimize use of this resource and fully engage patients in education.

Technical Support

Experiencing technical difficulties with any of your products or services from The Wellness Network? Visit our technical support page to learn about resetting your system or how to reach our technical support team.

Hospital & Facility Contacts

It is important for us to have the updated contact information for all staff members with whom we should share content updates, send invoices, provide marketing tips and mail materials, and to ensure all updates and requests for feedback are directed to the right person in your organization. Please complete our Site Contact Form with the names and contact information for each primary contact in the list.

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