Hospital Point of Care FAQ Page

All of your questions about The Wellness Network and point-of-care advertising — answered.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Wellness Network is the leading provider of patient education and engagement solutions to the nation’s largest network of hospital point-of-care sites. Clinical solutions are integrated into patient workflow, enabling hospital providers to inform, educate and support patients and caregivers through the healthcare journey.

At its core, hospital POC advertising is designed to be incorporated into any setting within a hospital; from waiting rooms and maternity wards, to patient rooms and back office staff locations. It provides highly relevant, condition-specific information when and where patients are most receptive. Hospital POC advertising content seeks to provide health education to patients, increase engagement between patients and their physicians, improve compliance, and optimize health outcomes.

The Wellness Network uses a variety of mediums for advertising, including television, print, and digital ads.

The Wellness Network uses contextual and location-based targeting in hospital and outpatient facilities. Hospitals subscribe to our education and engagement solutions. Our solutions are integrated into the clinical workflow, and we have a strong working relationship with our clinical coordinators.

We offer NPI list matching targeting options to our hospital-affiliated physicians.

Point-of-care advertising utilizes multiple media outlets in medical facility waiting rooms and patient rooms to provide educational resources for patients. These advertisements target patients at a location and time when they are in the mindset to make health decisions and talk to their healthcare provider about treatments options that can improve their health. This strategy incorporates both digital and print media to offer helpful information for patients about the treatments and medications they receive.

Physician point-of-care advertising seeks to inform, educate, and motivate patients within a physician’s office, on the go, and in hospitals where physicians perform surgery and make patient rounds. Through back office media such as posters, brochures, and digital and print signage, the information targeted to providers enables physicians to learn about the latest treatments and aids in providing better health outcomes for patients.

The Wellness Network is one of the newest members of the WebMD family! This acquisition allows us to access the nation’s most extensive health information and engagement system to offer unparalleled patient engagement capabilities at healthcare facilities. From discovery to recovery—we are improving health outcomes at every point of care.

We utilize third party partners for audience and ROI studies, including Rx script lift analysis.


We offer custom solutions and point-of-care advertising for multiple industries within the medical, non-profit and maternity sector. Contact us today to find out what we can provide your business.

We reach anyone who visits a hospital looking to improve their health. We’re able to send messages to patients, their families, and their support networks when they’re most open to health information.

We reach HCP staff and affiliated physicians that subscribe to The Wellness Network as for their patient education and engagement needs.

Our content team partners with clinical advisors to produce evidence-based health, wellness, and patient education resources. The information we provide to patients complies with Joint Commission Standards and CMS Readmission Reduction Programs.

We take verification and validation extremely seriously. We utilize Alliance of Audited Media as our third party auditor. The Wellness Network has received the Point of Care Marketing Association verification ad.

Our advertising solutions are custom-tailored to your specific needs, so pricing varies depending on your demands. The best way to learn about the pricing of our solutions options is to contact our team.

The more patients we reach through digital and print advertising, the more people choose a healthier lifestyle. In a recent study, 97% of participants stated that they intend to put into action the knowledge they gained from the education they viewed. In another, 68% were more interested in talking to their doctor about medication advertisements they viewed on a hospital TV.