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The Wellness Network is proud to announce the launch of our newest TV channel: Connect. Designed to improve the overall patient experience, Connect is a complimentary channel that features a mix of entertainment, relaxation, and wellness education. It’s perfect for waiting rooms and common areas. Check out the FAQs below to learn more about what Connect is and how you can get this free resource as part of your current subscription to The Wellness Network.

How is Connect different from our existing channels?

Our patient-room channels—including The Patient Channel, HeartCare Channel, Newborn Channel, and MedSerenity Channel—have long been used to effectively deliver evidence-based, guideline-compliant patient education directly to patients right in the hospital room. Connect is the perfect complement to these channels, offering a variety of programming including scenic and fun content including quizzes, exotic landscapes, trivia, humor, recipes, and a wide range of programming that’s perfect for public spaces, plus some critical health messaging.

Does Connect overlap with our other channels?

No! The majority of the content on Connect can only be found on Connect. With insight from our customers and the general market, our production team developed original programming just for this channel. While Connect does offer some of the same compliance-oriented content as our traditional channels, there’s no fear that your patients will see redundant programming between Connect and the rest of our broadcast programming.

Can Connect be customized?

Yes! Customers can customize digital messaging and personalize with brand-specific elements. Additionally, the channel includes an RSS feed with local weather.

Will it stay free, or is the free period a trial?

Connect is designed as a complimentary channel supported by advertising, so there is no fee for this service.

Why should we get Connect?

Most patients today have their own devices, so it can be challenging to capture their attention. There are, however, many benefits to offering a dedicated channel like Connect in public spaces. With a blend of fun and relaxing programming, Connect can help improve the overall patient experience, especially for patients and their families who may spend hours in waiting rooms or common areas. Connect’s mix of programming has been carefully curated to engage viewers, reduce anxiety, promote relevant health and wellness tips, and provide an overall enjoyable viewing experience in support of your patient experience initiatives.  At the same time, Connect supports your overall hospital brand with signage and branding unique to your hospital.

Is it hard to install?

One of the great things about Connect is its ease of use. There is no complicated installation or lengthy on-boarding process. The channel runs from a simple media player and modulator that connects into your hospital’s central TV system. The player is connected to our central broadcast facility via your hospital network, so the channel can be installed in a matter of minutes. Once installed, the channel appears in your internal line-up for viewing anywhere in your facility.

When will it be available?

Now! Customers are installing Connect now. If you’d like to learn more, please complete the form on this page and our team will be in contact with you soon!

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