With the rise of COVID-19 cases, hospitals, government systems, public health advocates and medical apps are seeking tools to inform target populations about prevention and management of coronavirus. The Wellness Network is pleased to continue to make quality, medically reviewed health, wellness and patient education and engagement tools available to support your efforts.

Support your outreach efforts by:

  • Integrating educational videos and articles into your newsletters and social posts. Rely on us to provide trusted resources that create awareness of infection prevention and at-home management strategies. Don’t miss recently released resources on safe mask use, how the infection is spread, distancing, and diagnosis and treatment. Coming soon: education and care plans for coronavirus vaccines.
  • Leveraging your HealthClips Online Health and Wellness Resource to connect with patients remotely. Whether it’s cardiac rehab, diabetes education, or childbirth classes, this tool allows you to present education during remote classes or consultation.
  • Building trust in the vaccines. Coming in January, we are releasing new education to help explain the value and science behind the vaccines.

Enhance the patient experience by:

  • Giving patients tools to stay connected with providers and loved ones. Our tablets feature anti-microbial screens that reduce the risk of transmission and come equipped with a communication app to connect patients with loved ones during their hospitalization.
  • Making trustworthy education easily accessible for patients and their caregivers. Critical infection prevention and general coronavirus education airs on our health channels, with key messages airing twice an hour. Plus, seamless access to the full online health and wellness resource is just a click away.
  • Providing tools for providers and patients to stay connected via your EHR platform. Our HealthClips 360 platform supports assignment and documentation of education within your EHR platform – connecting patients to their patient portal, while supporting provider documentation and compliance measures.
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