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The world today is flooded with health information—and too much of it is poor quality. Health care professionals are used to confronting patients who have been steeped in questionable health information from Dr. Google or social media sites, making the task of providing reliable and evidence-based medical information even more challenging.

However, the good news is there are ways to access high-quality healthcare information and adapt it to any purpose. We have built a library of thousands of videos and articles that are rigorously reviewed to ensure they are accurate, up to date, and based on sound research. This patient education has utility far beyond the hospital walls. Additionally, when consistent education is presented and used on all platforms throughout a patient’s experience, it can further reduce confusion.

Here are just a few ways customers are using our education to help improve lives:

  • Including video and text-based information in health apps and digital tools. Creating health education is expensive, so for companies that have already invested in building apps, it often makes sense to license the content offered on their platforms.
  • Adding patient education to mobile health portals. Although these portals are often associated with a hospital stay, the fact is that patient portals are designed to travel with a patient through his or her healthcare journey for the long term. Providing patient education through a portal creates confidence that the education is credible
  • Incorporating health education into public health campaigns. Local public health authorities use patient education offered on websites or through sponsored programs to help improve awareness of chronic disease management and public health campaigns.
  • Creating custom closed-circuit channels for targeted presentation of education based on specific patient populations, including in waiting rooms and other public areas. Health-related programming is a powerful tool to both provide information and reinforce an organization’s commitment to health when it is included on a highly targeted channel.
  • Improving Employee Benefit Programs. Corporations and large employers use our videos and print education in their internal health initiatives and as a benefit for employees. This is especially valuable as healthcare costs continue to rise, and employers are looking for ways to lower their healthcare costs.

Ultimately, there are as many uses for traditional health, wellness, and patient education as there are people who need access to it. When you work with us, our team develops innovative strategies for incorporating evidence-based videos and print education into your programs to help you reach your target audience. Are you ready to improve your education and engagement tools?

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