Upcoming Releases 2019

Heading into fall, we’re excited about the upcoming release of new education to expand our award-winning HealthClips library! Our new programming is focused on updating content in therapeutic areas including diabetes, cardiology, and prenatal care—plus major new offerings in pediatrics and medication education—expanding our library to offer you more ways to reach your patients with critical education. Here’s a preview of our coming attractions:

  • Diabetes: The diabetes library—one of our core educational offerings—is scheduled for a major update. With more than 30 new videos, we are able to offer your facility cutting-edge, guideline-compliant, and comprehensive resources to support your education initiatives. Topic areas covered in this refresh include healthy lifestyle programming, with tips on how to maintain blood glucose levels, and videos that support self-care in diabetes patients.
  • Cardiology: Heart disease among women continues to be an issue of critical importance—cardiac disease is the leading killer of American women, taking more lives than any type of cancer. Yet women don’t always experience heart disease in the same way men do, so it only makes sense to reach this population with educational tools that are designed to address their unique issues. Our new series of heart disease in women addresses the challenge of identifying and treating heart disease in women, with videos on risk factors that are unique to women (including hormone replacement therapy) and education that will help women recognize atypical symptoms and seek out treatment sooner, so they have better outcomes.
  • Prenatal & Maternity: Our Prenatal & Maternity library is one of the most comprehensive sources of guideline-compliant prenatal video education available today—and we’re excited to announce the launch of an update and expansion of our content in this critical area. This fall, the first 22 videos will be released, covering topics like fall prevention, newborn care, postpartum stress and anxiety (a new edition to our library), and safe sleep best-practices. Our prenatal education covers a woman from when she first begins to plan her pregnancy, through labor and delivery, and finally through her first visits with her new baby to the pediatrician. Of particular note is our new programming supporting healthy immunization—with the rise of vaccine-preventable diseases like measles, our new programming on immunization will help demystify and support the crucial decision to vaccinate every eligible baby.
  • Pediatrics: Offered in conjunction with our partner, Health Nuts Media, our Pediatric library is undergoing a major upgrade. New video offerings expand already-comprehensive programming on childhood asthma, as well as increased education available in diabetes management for children and pain management. This library features animated videos that research shows have been proven to increase comprehension for both adults and pediatric patients.
  • Medications: With close to 700 new videos, our Medications library—offered through our partnership with VUCA Health—continues to expand with concise and highly targeted videos on specific medications, including indications, side effects, and information your patients need to know to safely take their prescribed medications. New, compliance-friendly programming includes an expansion of our offerings on opioid safety and addiction, plus new videos targeting cancer, infectious disease, and chronic conditions including cardiac, kidney disease, and others.
  • Medical Animations: Our Medical Animation library, offered in conjunction with our partner ViewMedica, has continued to expand and now offers more than 1,500 videos covering a wide array of conditions with simple, easy-to-follow explainer videos on procedures and conditions. New programming in this library covers cutting-edge surgical techniques and procedures that will help your patients better understand and manage their health. The library is also expanding with the Visual Journey series of videos. These stress-reduction videos feature relaxing imagery and music that can help patients feels at ease during their healthcare journey. Topics like rainforest exploration and horseback riding adventures are covered in beautiful, live-action videos.