Abbeville General Hospital
Using TVs to Activate and Inform Patients

Hospital Background

Abbeville General Hospital (AGH) is a 60-bed acute care hospital committed to providing quality healthcare to the community and surrounding areas. AGH is a fully licensed and accredited hospital that meets all requirements of the State of Louisiana and the Joint Commission.


In the healthcare setting, patients can often feel overwhelmed or stressed as they process critical health information and navigate insurance and billing concerns and questions.

Hospital and waiting room televisions can offer a welcome distraction and opportunity to learn more about the services and resources available from their provider, along with relevant and meaningful tips to promote health and navigate the healthcare system. At the same time the hospital staff is trying to keep the patient informed and involved, the hospital administration also has communication needs that should reach all patients. This might include information about the staff, location of clinics or affiliated practices, and general information on anything from parking to visitor hours.

At Abbeville General Hospital, they are using patient TVs to easily reach, activate, and inform large portions of the patient population.

Approach & Solution

Abbeville currently has TVs in both patient rooms and common areas like waiting rooms. Staff leverages the education on the Patient Channel and Newborn Channels to address key topics for patients in acute care, as well as new parents.  They also leverage the digital signage to share hospital or department-specific messages. Abbeville’s staff can change the messages that run alongside the award-winning programming. According to Tina Faulk, formerly the patient education coordinator and now the Diabetes Education Program Coordinator, keeping these messages updated is a good way to keep patients informed.

“We use the digital signage to inform patients about our rural health clinics, which are affiliated with the main hospital,” she said. “If we have a new physician joining the staff, we might also put a message on about when the physician will be starting. At flu season, we use the digital signage to remind people to get their flu vaccines. In general, we use it to let people know about new services and events.”

Digital Signage Abbeville

Digital Signage

Building the Patient Relationship

Besides taking advantage of the digital signage, Abbeville also uses the TV channels as a link in its comprehensive patient education programs. In the mother-baby unit, for example, nurses hand out the program guides to every new mom and recommend that she watch certain programs when they’re on. The education airing on the TV presents necessary topics they need patients to view prior to discharge. The TV education is reinforced by the HealthClips Online Internet-based platform, which allows patients to access videos wherever and whenever they want.

“We have bookmarks that have both the website address and a passcode so patients can go home and watch the same videos,” Faulk said. “We also include the bookmarks in our discharge education packets.”

This ability to offer both general education on televisions and highly targeted education online helps gives clinicians confidence that patients are receiving the right education, no matter where they are in the patient care journey.

“The channels give us the option to have patients watch programming that the staff might not have time to educate on,” Faulk said. “And with the bookmarks and website, they can take it home to follow up on, or that can be used to supplement the nurse’s education. This is valuable information, and it allows patients to educate themselves when they’re ready.”

In addition to the TVs, Abbeville has an online health and wellness resource to provide trustworthy educational resources for patients and their family members to access 24/7 from an internet-enabled device.

Abbeville General Hospital


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