DALLAS, Nov. 5, 2014 – The American Heart Association/American Stroke Association (AHA/ASA) and The Wellness Network (TWN) are expanding their collaborative efforts to provide heart disease and stroke patients with an exciting new cardiovascular disease-focused in-hospital TV channel and on-demand video portal to improve health through education.

The HeartCare Channel, launching in November 2014, will run current AHA/ASA and TWN educational content, as well as newly created programming providing information and resources for the prevention and management of cardiovascular disease and stroke. Hospitals will have the option of adding their own programs, as well as integrating the video content into their existing patient instruction processes and electronic health record systems.

Learn more about the HeartCare Channel and find examples of program offerings at http://www.heartcarechannel.com

This collaboration offers a unique opportunity for enhanced educational engagement between patients and caregivers at bed-side in the hospital, at a time when they’re most in need of key information, and highly motivated to take action to improve their health.

The intent is to provide actionable and trustworthy heart and brain health patient education that will encourage discussion among patients, their families and their doctors. Those discussions can improve understanding of the patient’s condition, steps to improve their recovery, and reduced risk of readmission.

In a study of patients’ in-hospital experiences, TWN found:

• 92% of patients surveyed shared they received information that helped them make decisions about their health

• 90% were receptive to receiving information about life style changes that would have a positive impact on their health

• 86% felt the programs augmented information from the doctor about their condition

“Hospitalization is a crucial time for the patient and their family and it is critical to set up a plan for recovery – they’re usually anxious for information that can help them move forward,” said AHA President Elliott Antman, M.D., who is also a professor of medicine and Associate Dean for Clinical/Translational Research at Harvard Medical School and a senior physician in the Cardiovascular Division of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. “Having a channel devoted to heart disease and stroke topics will be a major opportunity for us to meet our patients where they are, when they need us. We’re very excited about this new initiative.”

Programming on the HeartCare Channel supports patient education efforts tied to the AHA/ASA Get With The Guidelines® quality improvement programs to ensure patients are getting the treatment and information they need for better recovery.

“Our goal is to help hospitals, rehabilitation centers and clinics increase patient engagement in their recovery, disease management and long-term health by showing positive video examples of every day Americans and their care providers dealing with heart and brain disease,” noted Dave Ross, President of The Wellness Network. “We are pleased to partner with AHA/ASA to enhance and support patient self-management and respond to a patient’s individual learning style and pace.”
The on-demand feature allows patients to access programs via internet both in hospital as well as post discharge.

Learn more about The Wellness Network at www.thewellnessnetwork.net.