PEWAUKEE, WI – March 22, 2018  – The Wellness Network (TWN) is proud to announce the addition of an extensive new library of patient education videos focusing on the living and managing chronic kidney disease (CKD). With the prevalence of diabetes, a major cause of CKD, there is increasing need for care providers to have effective tools to provide patient-centered, high-quality resources and care to incorporate into patient care.

TWN’s new Nephrology HealthClips library addresses key learning objectives and provides patients and their families and caregivers with critical education on living with and treating CKD. Approximately 26 million adults in the United States have CKD, which is the ninth leading cause of death in the United States. This number is predicted to grow as the United States population ages and the prevalence of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and other risk factors for CKD increases among all age groups.

“Chronic kidney disease, which can lead to end stage renal disease, is a costly and life-threatening health complication,” said Cindy Huber, CEO of the National Kidney Foundation of Wisconsin, which lent expertise in medical review and development of the new video library.

The connection between chronic kidney disease and other chronic illnesses like diabetes and high blood pressure makes it critical for patients to be informed and understand how important lifestyle modifications and the appropriate care are critical in managing chronic kidney disease and reducing risk of kidney failure, or end-stage renal disease.

“The occurrence and lifestyle impact of chronic kidney disease coupled with its devastating costs to patients, families, payers and hospitals is one of the many reasons we expanded our HealthClips library to include educational resources on chronic kidney disease,” said Dave Ross, CEO of TWN. “This new video library supports shared decision-making between patients and their caregivers, with the goal of helping patients improve their health and wellness when they better understand their condition and participate in building and following their treatment plan.”

Like the rest of the resources in TWN’s HealthClips library, these videos will be available on TWN’s numerous delivery platforms, including electronic medical record integrated care plan delivery. The videos were carefully designed to assist hospitals, health systems, insurance companies and employers activate patients, families and caregivers to improve patient outcomes.

The new videos can be viewed at

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