New Programming Spring 2021

We are excited to announce the release of new and updated health, wellness, and patient eduction videos spanning our HealthClips video and print library. Already one of the largest, most comprehensive libraries of education, we are continuously working to expand and update our educational resources. HealthClips offers programming and education in 25 therapeutic areas, with over 11,000 individual pieces of content available to our subscribers. Our education can be delivered seamlessly across your network, so patients receive standardized patient education whether they are prepping for their procedure, in a patient room, being discharged, or recovering at home.

Every piece of content we create or update goes through a rigorous process that includes extensive research, script writing and validation, at least two layers of clinical review, and final approval. We only introduce new content that clears this extensive quality control.

Here is a preview of our coming attractions:

  • Cardiology and Diabetes: These libraries have several new patient stories and a new production format that adds variety and relatability to our content.
  • Prenatal & Maternity: We’ve expanded our Prenatal & Maternity library with over one hundred print articles aimed at helping new families navigate pregnancy, delivery, and newborn care. We’ve also made important changes to existing programs that further support Baby-Friendly initiatives.
  • Quality of Care: Patient safety and infection prevention and control have never been more important in the acute care setting. This Spring we have refreshed our assets in infection control, patient safety, medication management and discharge/transitional care management.
  • Wellness: Quitting tobacco and nicotine use is one of the best things you can do for your health. This library has refreshed education on this topic and includes vaping and other forms of nicotine use. We have also recharged our healthy aging series for people ranging in age from their 40s to their senior years.
  • Medications: Our Medication library—offered in partnership with VUCA Health—continues to expand to offer comprehensive programming on the medications your patients are prescribed. New additions to this library include programming in cardiology, infection control, pain management, and dermatology.
  • Medical Animations: Our Medical Animations are offered through our partnership with ViewMedica and is expanding with robust new video content in pediatrics, cosmetic surgery, wellness, dental, and orthopedics.