The Wellness Network is pleased to air The Joint Commission’s Speak Up™ series of  animated, public service announcements to empower and inform both patients and their families about their role as active participants in their health care experience. This award-winning series, available in English and Spanish, can be added to your Custom Channel offering to help your facility improve your patient satisfaction scores, meet your education goals and initiatives, and support safety in your hospital.

Here is a sample of the programming titled, “Speak Up: About Your Depression”:

Check out the comprehensive Speak Up™ programs that are available as part of The Wellness Network’s library:
  • Speak Up: About Your Pain
    • Be an active member of your, or a loved ones, healthcare team. Learn to speak up about pain.
  • Speak Up: About your Depression
    • Everybody feels blue or sad sometimes. Depression is more than just feeling sad. When you are depressed you lose interest in activities, and you may feel overwhelmed, agitated or isolated. You may feel like things will never get better. Don’t wait for depression to go away, Speak Up and get the help you need!
  • Speak Up: Antibiotics – Know the Facts
    • Taking an antibiotic when you shouldn’t kills good bacteria in your body, which can cause you more problems, and your body can become resistant to antibiotics. Antibiotics are life-saving drugs when used properly. A doctor will be able to tell you whether antibiotics will help. Speak Up against the overuse of antibiotics
  • Speak Up: At Home
    • When receiving care at home, it is important to know who is there to help and what their role is.
  • Speak Up: At the Doctor’s Office
    • Be an active member of your, or a loved ones, healthcare team. Learn to speak up about your conditions and how you feel.
  • Speak Up: Ask Your Advocate to Speak Up
    • Your advocate can be a partner in your care, helping you through every step of your treatment. Watch this video and ask your advocate to Speak Up!
  • Speak Up: Know Your Rights
    • It isn’t easy going to the hospital, but it is important to remember that you have rights and a role regarding your treatment and care. Watch the latest video with the Speak Up gang to find out how to speak up and help make better decisions about your care.
  • Speak Up: Prevent Errors in Your Care
    • Everyone has a role in making health care safe.  That includes doctors, health care executives, nurses and many health care technicians.  Health care organizations all across the country are working to make health care safe.  As a patient, you can make your care safer by being an active, involved and informed member of your health care team.
  • Speak Up: Prevent the Spread of Infection
    • Learn about your role in preventing the spread of infection when you become an active member of your, or a loved ones, healthcare team.
  • Speak Up: Reduce the Risk of Falling
    • 1 out of 3 adults age 65 and older is injured from falls every year. Learn to reduce your risk of falling through simple steps.
  • Speak Up: Take Medications Safely
    • Mistakes happen every day, but you can take action to avoid them. Understanding your medications and how to manage them safely is a key part of recovery and disease management.