Workplace Reopening

This webinar provides a deep dive into reopening the workplace, optimized for employee health, safety, and compliance. Learn what goes into reopening safely.

Cindy Carson, TWN’s head of Integration and Partnerships hosts a discussion on the primary medical and compliance requirements of reopening, highlighting the application of digital tools that provide clinically validated education, screenings, data tracking, and actionable workflow for triage moments with guest presenters from Rati-Fi Health. Rati-Fi Health’s CEO Jonathan Fialkov and COO Kevin Rapp bring insights to Informed consent, the importance of education and the broader workplace needs of infectious disease mitigation as flu season approaches amidst a pandemic.

Discussion to include:

  • Flu season. New strains.
  • Covid19 mitigation, and improving hygiene and compliance in the workplace.
  • Health department and CDC guidelines – keeping up with the changes, staying current with best practice protocols – ensuring you and your employees are staying current with the constant changes.
  • Technology enabled screening and data collection, triage of flagged conditions, education and support for patients and families via digital access points.

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Presenter: Jonathan Fialkov, CEO at Rational Surgical Solutions
Dr. Jonathan Fialkov, the founder of Rational Surgical Solutions, is a urologist in West Des Moines, Iowa. He received his medical degree from University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and specializes in urology at Iowa Lutheran Hospital and Iowa Methodist Medical Center. “Over 18 years working at a clinic, I saw the same situations arise particularly with patients not understanding all of the implications of surgery. I started asking other doctors if they were having the same problem. Then I asked myself, ‘Is there something I could do when I’m communicating with people to make it easier for them to understand?’ That’s what led me to create Rati-Fi® – and devote myself full-time to it. While it was a big leap to leave my practice, I believe the potential to improve outcomes is enormous.”

Presenter: Kevin Rapp, Healthcare Growth and Innovation Consultant at Rational Surgical Solutions – Rati-fi Health
An experienced leader serving healthcare technology companies, Kevin brings a deep understanding of workplace and compliance knowledge, working with transformative healthcare solutions.

Presenter: Cindy Carson, Head of Business Development, partnerships & Technology Integrations at The Wellness Network
As Head of Business Development, Partnerships and Technology Integrations, Cindy Carson is a veteran in health content publishing and distribution. With 30 years of experience in communications, the last decade focused on health and health tech, Ms. Carson is a thought leader, innovator, and advocate. Her experience in pushing forward on the power of the right communications and highly personalized technologies (connected health) to close the gaps in health disparities, has linked her with many health tech companies driving positive change in their communities. Formerly the General Manager of Social Solutions Global (ETO Software), and Vice President at Milner-Fenwick Patient Education, Ms. Carson defines the links between programs and outcomes. A Communications graduate of Loyola University in Maryland, Ms. Carson is working on her MGH, served 8 years on the Board of Baltimore Reads, a literacy non-profit, and volunteers in several human service-oriented non-profits.