Isolation Tablets

Tablets designed to help protect healthcare personnel and connect patients with loved ones during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Isolation Tablets Help Hospital Teams in Pandemic

Our tablet technology is helping clinical teams as they face COVID-19. Featuring anti-microbial screens that reduce the risk of transmission and built-in features like an auto-shutdown to protect patient health information, these tablets help clinical teams engage with patients during this critical time. Additionally, as patients face isolation, communication apps on our tablet help them stay connected to those they love.

Tablets include:

  • Curated patient education on COVID-19, including newly published content on symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment from The Wellness Network and World Health Organization. This COVID-19 suite of content is evidence-based and medically reviewed to ensure it’s current with shifting guidelines.
  • Additional content on hospital safety, infection prevention, and practical tips like handwashing and face masks.
  • A telemedicine option so clinicians can interact with patients with limited physical contact.
  • Language interpretation services.
  • Messaging and communication apps, so patients can more easily communicate with their loved ones outside of isolation.
  • Entertainment options include popular streaming services, access to media, games and activities.

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