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Delivery Platforms

The Wellness Network provides delivery and engagement options to easily integrate within your workflow, and provides tools to connect and engage with patients, their families, and caregivers across the continuum of care. Choose the platforms that make the most sense for your staff workflow and your patients’ needs.

Online Video and Resource Library

Our customizable HealthClips Video and Resource Library is ideal to use in one-on-one patient education, community outreach efforts and as a trusted evidence-based resource to link to from your facility’s website. Available 24/7 via any internet-enabled device, this easily accessible and navigable resource puts trusted, evidence-based video and print education at your patient’s fingertips.


Tablets can be an effective educational tool, allowing you to assign relevant videos or PDFs on the spot and provide the tool for patients to access them. Choose from our two tablet offerings:

  • Networked Engagement Tablet: this HIPAA compliant digital platform transforms the care setting into a more positive environment by providing a range of educational resources and entertainment options to the patient. Customize your tablet to include targeted educational modules, surveys, site-specific information about your care team and insight into resources offered by your facility. Plus, provide a variety of entertainment modules including movies, newspapers, magazines, games, and digital music. With fifteen languages available to choose from, these engagement tablets are ideal for education and engagement efforts at the point of care, in waiting rooms, and in treatment areas.
  • Standard Tablet: ideal for providing access to your full education library in settings where there isn’t Wi-Fi easily accessible.


Leverage waiting room and in-hospital TVs to capture the attention of your patients, share timely messages, promote facility offerings, and educate patients on key health topics. Whether in the waiting room or in a hospital bed, patients are especially receptive to learning how to navigate the healthcare system, manage their condition and learn how to live the healthiest, best life. Our solutions allow you to brand your own channels to deliver education and messaging that can influence patients’ knowledge and perception of their experience with you.

Choose from two options based on the physical location of your TVs, the needs of your patient population plus your facility’s clinical and brand initiatives:

  • In-Hospital Room TV: Take control of your in-hospital televisions with a looped TV channel based on your site-specific clinical initiatives and patient population needs. Add your own videos with custom video production. Choose from three options:
  • Waiting Room TV: Captivate visitors and patients with a waiting room channel that can improve patient satisfaction, deliver timely messaging, and blocks competitor advertising.

Digital Files

For facilities that currently have a relationship with an on-demand platform provider, The Wellness Networks HealthClips Video and Resource library can be delivered via digital files for upload into your existing system. The Wellness Network has partnerships with:

  • Emmi
  • eVideon
  • ExitCare
  • Get Well Network
  • Lincor
  • MDM Healthcare
  • Scala
  • Sonifi
  • Telehealth
  • TVR Communications (pCare)
Please contact us if you would like to view a demonstration.