MedSerenity Channel

Support patient care and healing through integrative medicine.

Relaxation, meditation, and guided imagery can be powerful adjuncts to traditional medicine. Delivering educational programming that supports patients with pain relief, anxiety reduction, improved sleep and overall peace of mind can be effective tools to counteract impediments to recovery like stress of illness and hospitalization.

The MedSerenity Channel’s award-winning programs were developed with evidence-based integrative medicine. Using spoken word, meditation, visualization techniques, guided imagery, natural scenery and more, MedSerenity Channel helps improve overall patient satisfaction and enhance non-pharmacologic pain management. This library can be delivered on TV, tablets and online.

The MedSerenity Channel programing includes select programming from our HealthClips Integrative Medicine Library:

  • Guided imagery
  • Meditation
  • Fine arts
  • Spoken word
  • Sleep calming
  • Ambient soundss
  • Healing music
  • Nature scenery

When you make the MedSerenity Channel part of your care planning and delivery, you can improve outcomes while enhancing your reputation for innovative and quality care.  In additional to the TV Channel, clinicians and patients can access videos online using their 5-digital passcode, and integrate the education into the EHR for patient-specific assignment and documentation of education.

MedSerenity Channel

Learn how you can leverage this powerful and innovate tool to improve quality of care.


Here’s what other hospitals are saying:

“MedSerenity Channel has been wonderful. We have it on in lobbies and patient waiting areas and turn it on in patient rooms before they return post-surgery to welcome them into a room of serenity, and to help with pain management and reduce anxiety. I even encourage staff to take time to watch it online to help them reduce stress.” – Patient Experience Manager, Mammoth Hospital, Mammoth Lakes, CA

Clinical Nurse Educator, Holy Name Medical Center, Teaneck, NJ

“We wanted some form of alternative therapy to offer patients – MedSerenity Channel has been great!”- Education Liaison, Comanche County, Memorial Hospital, Lawton, OK

Patient Educator, Wellstar West Georgia, Health Medical Center, LaGrange, GA